What is 18.01 like? It's a bit like a 4 course meal...

Before the meal we gather and prepare ourselves with a time of confession and forgiveness, like washing our hands before we eat.

The 1st course is Scripture. We read, then listen to the speaker (10 min max. talk)  and spend time thinking through what we have heard through various personal reflective activities before chatting about what we think this means for us today.

The 2nd course is The Peace where we shake each others hands and share God's peace with each other so we turn our attention away from each other and start to focus on God again.

The 3rd course is one of bread and wine as we re-enact that last meal and remember what Jesus has done for us.

The 4th course is a bit like a Take Away ... we take the love we have received into the world with us to bless others remembering we are sent by God to be a help in the world. 

Add some prayer and a little singing ... there you have 18:01.
Come along and be blessed by either observing what happens or by getting involved .. there is freedom for both. 

As a reminder .... we are an Inclusive Church  ... a church for all .... no matter how you may view yourself ... no matter what your experience ... no matter who you are .... for, quite simply ...

ALL are welcome here.